Mar 16, 2015

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Teri Tomlinson Visits the Corporate Office

IMG_0347Teri Tomlinson paid a visit to the Corporate office last week to talk about some new and exciting developments coming soon to ViaViente! Stay tuned for these announcements and See You In Hawaii, Teri!

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Mar 5, 2015

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ViaViente 4.0 Launches in U.S. and Japan!

ViaViente 4.0ViaViente 4.0 has launched in the U.S. and Japan! ViaViente 4.0 has a new ingredient – Maca Root – that has numerous synergistic benefits, including:

1. Increased Energy

2. Support for Mental Clarity

3. Immunity Support

4. Hormone Balance Support

5. Anti-Depressant Support

Dr. Pedersen’s team worked on developing this new formula for 3 years. Maca Root was selected because of its nutritional complexity and synergistic effect with other ingredients in ViaViente. Synergistic means that Maca Root works in tandem with ViaViente’s complete formula to create a combined enhanced benefit to your health!

This is a major upgrade to our product for our customers worldwide who are committed to Elevating Their Health in 2015!  ViaViente 4.0 with Maca Root will be coming soon to our customers in South East Asia.

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Feb 16, 2015

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ViaViente is GMO Free

Viabottle_fruitFrom time to time, we are asked if ViaViente contains any GMOs. We are pleased to tell you that ViaViente contains NO GMOs and has never contained GMOs. So you can be assured that your product is GMO free.

Though organic farming practices are not standard world-wide, we seek out organic fruits and herbs and test to ensure that our fruits and herbs are pesticide free.

ViaViente also utilizes Good Agricultural Practices for the fruits and herbs contained in ViaViente. This refers to a set of established standards for farms and orchards in the production of fruits, vegetables, and herbs and ensures a safe and consistent harvest while respecting and conserving the land these plants are taken from. In short, ViaViente supports sustainable farming practices.


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