Apr 22, 2012

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Quality You Can Count On

Many people ask me about ViaViente and the agricultural practices and standards that we require for the whole fruits that make up our product. We follow a number of strict guidelines which include:

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) – GAP are standards that are set for farms and orchards regarding the growth of fruits, vegetables and herbs. These practices ensure a safe and consistent harvest while respecting and conserving the land that these plants are grown in. We follow GAP in the production of ViaViente. These strict guidelines are in place to support sustainable farming and harvests.

Genetically Modified (GMO) Ingredients – GMO’s are created for a variety of reasons by large food corporations. ViaViente has a strict policy concerning GMO ingredients. Absolutely no GMOs are used in the formulation of ViaViente.

Our Ingredients – We take an extra step to ensure that ViaViente’s ingredients are pure and free from pesticide or herbicide residues and test the product AFTER formulation. This step ensures that we have safe and nutritious fruits in every single bottle of ViaViente.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – GMP refers to a set of standards that apply to the raw ingredients, formulation and testing of our finished product. GMP ensures that we deliver a consistent, high-quality ViaViente product every time that delivers a nutritionally dense, antioxidant-rich product that is free from any possible contaminants.

ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Lab – Our Manufacturing lab is ISO 9001 Certified. Though such high standards are not required for a food product like ours, this ISO 9001 Certification helps ensure the highest manufacturing standard possible. We do this, in particular, to minimize batch-to-batch differences that can occur with the natural botanicals (fruits) used to make ViaViente.

Our goal for ViaViente is to always deliver a nutritionally dense, safe and consistent product that you can count on, day after day

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