Apr 30, 2012

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Many people spend a great deal of time thinking and fretting about the past.

Don’t waste your time on regrets. Harboring regrets only allows your past circumstances and negative events to control your present and limit your ability to soar.

When thoughts of regret enter your mind, try reframing those past negative experiences into the category of “LIFE experience”.

Every negative experience is an opportunity for learning. When you realize that a negative experience is just life teaching you something that you needed to know, then you can let go of the regret that holds you captive in the past.

When life gives you a great moment, that is fantastic. Relish that moment and enjoy it. Find a special place in your heart where that great moment will live forever.

When life gives you a bad moment, don’t let regret take over. Just know that that negative experience is a life lesson worth learning.

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